Community Missions

Armstrong supports a wide variety of mission partners with opportunities for hands on work as well as financial support.  
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State Avenue - Summer Meal Distribution
IHN  - Interfaith Hospitality Network
IPM - Inter Parish Ministry
Care Portal
Parker Kids Club

State Avenue - SUmmer Meal Distribution


State Avenue UMC in Lower Price Hill is offering free lunches to children (18 and under).  Shelf-stable meals will be distributed outside and are provided by another nonprofit, UMC Foods Ministry.  Meals will be distributed and taken home for consumption.  There is no need to bring anything besides yourself.  Sign-up timeslots allow for set-up, serving, and cleanup.  Gloves, masks and hand sanitizer are available onsite, although you are encouraged to bring your own.  

Please feel free to email Rev. Diana McHenry at with any questions.  
 Location: 690 State Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45204 



UMCOR and the West Ohio Conference offer instruction for creating hygiene kits which include some basic supplies that can be useful after a natural disaster or those who in between homes and other similar life challenges.  Supplies can be purchased to make one kit for around $12. Click the link below to download an easy shopping list for kit supplies.  Completed kits can be dropped off at the church office or the Atrium entrance. Kits will be distributed to our existing mission partners, such as IPM and IHN, as needed.

Hygiene Kit List

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)

For the time being, IHN is housing families needing shelter in a hotel, instead of churches, so that they have access to their own kitchen and bathroom spaces. This is viewed to be more safe during the pandemic for the families and volunteer helpers. IHN is providing meals that are pre-packaged breakfast, lunch, and snack supplies only. Think Lunchables, or packages of luncheon meats/loaves of bread a whole family can use to make sandwiches rather than making the sandwiches yourself. Items that can be microwaved are also especially helpful (mac and cheese cups, soup cups, etc.) The cost to house a week of IHN in a hotel is ~$2500. Armstrong’s next week to host IHN families is the week of May 24, and we will cover the cost of the stay for 4 families during our assigned week. You can help by making a financial gift to help cover those costs or by providing food items as mentioned above. For more information contact the church office.

Next Host Week Begins: December 27th

Visit IHN's Website:

DONATION FOCUS — Families are utilizing extra cleaning supplies, disinfecting wipes, gloves, etc., so if you happened to have stockpiled any of that, donations are welcome both for shelter operations and for our housed families that are having a hard time getting a hold of and affording those items.

• $30 Kroger Gift Cards
• Cleaning Supplies (Paper towels, wipes, disposable gloves, disinfectant cleaners etc.)

Please Indicate what you are able to donate using the I can help button.  Monetary donations are also appreciated.


Inter Parish Ministry

 IPM is currently operating with staff only and food needs are heavy. IPM is able to source food from the Food Pantry at good prices. In one recent week, they provided over 1000 packaged lunch bundles to help families with kids in school. They are operating drive through food pick up at 2 locations. Armstrong is accepting food donations at the Atrium entry. You may drop off without needing to enter the building. 

Visit for their current urgent needs list.

Care Portal

Connecting you to the child in need. CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention. Caseworkers with Ohio Department of Job and Family Services uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond. Armstrong has officially registered to be a CarePortal congregation. 

We need you to “opt-in” for regular emails regarding what is needed. We will seek to identify items and situations where we are able to respond and build teams to make the connections with families. The church has identified some resources for these projects but if you would like to make donations, then gifts would be payable to Armstrong Chapel and noted for CarePortal.  Registering for emails does not require financial support of this mission.

Time spent with Care Portal families will always be a team effort. We will spiritually and physically meet the needs that God equips us to do. No guilt if we cannot meet every need. That’s why there are multiple churches in this group.  Typically the most important items are a bed, sheets and blankets. Check out the items on the current list of needs

Parker Kids Club

NOTE: Tutoring is currently on hold while Ohio schools are closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for information when school resumes. 

Creating a lifetime partnership for change!  Tutoring students at John P. Parker Elementary in Madisonville during the school year.  Our Promise: To serve students who are ‘at risk’  through tutoring & help them reach their full academic potential by: Offering Godly, and compassionate 1-1 tutoring to spur academic growth.  Build strong student – tutor relationship of encouragement. Work in partnership with the school to create individual plans to create transformation. Create space for celebration of student success therefore encouraging a desire to learn.

Tutoring is once per week during the school year, while in session.  With Family Celebrations (2x during school year)  Tutoring is for kids 3rd through 6th grade on Tuesdays. Training is provided along with appropriate teaching materials.  

Contact Dianna Sheely if you would like more information!


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