Community Outreach

Armstrong Chapel has a strong focus on community outreach and bringing people together through service and fellowship. Our community mission programs organize volunteers to serve at various organizations that aid humanitarian needs and to donate food, clothing, and supplies to support surrounding communities and globally.
Beyond direct service, share in our community events open to all, such as motivational speakers, movie nights, art shows, concerts, and more. These events aim to foster connections among neighbors, provide family-friendly activities, and showcase positive aspects of the community.
The church views its role as supporting spiritual growth and bringing people together across lines of difference. Armstrong's mission emphasizes the importance of serving others with compassion. Whether through hands-on service projects or fun community events, Our goal is to make a positive impact and create a sense of community for all.


Armstrong Chapel supports a wide variety of mission partners through hands-on volunteer opportunities as well as financial contributions.

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53 people volunteered their time during our first week of hosting 4 families for IHN!


 We are hosting families through Found House/IHN this summer!

July 28 - August 3

Working with our mission partner, Found House/Interfaith Housing Network (IHN), and
together with Indian Hill Church, Armstrong Chapel will host 4 families in need in our church. 
We need volunteers to help provide dinners, be hosts for the evening
and to remain overnight for these families, and volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up.  
Questions? Connect with Sara O’Connor at  .
IHN is an amazing ministry to families in need of temporary housing, and
Armstrong is privileged to get to host and share the love of Christ in this way. 
IHN is a way that families can serve together! 
Please check your calendars and sign up to help!



Found House IHN began on October 26, 1991 as Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati (IHNGC), with a Day Center, and eight congregations who opened up the doors of their churches and synagogues to homeless families.
Since 1991, our network has grown to include over 100 congregational partners, representing people of Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Unitarian faiths. Congregations provide overnight shelter and meals for homeless families in our Emergency Shelter program.
Found House has also grown and enhanced the services offered over the years to provide wraparound support for the whole family that extends beyond Emergency Shelter.