Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)

Volunteering for IHN is a rewarding experience.  Contact Larry Brott or the church office for further information on how to get involved. 

Larry and Elizabeth Brott have been name Interfaith Hospitality Network’s Greater Cincinnati Coordinators of the Year for their five years of dedication to the ministry at Armstrong Chapel. They have recruited more than 80 volunteers to help make families in need of shelter feel welcome during their week-long stays with us. But more than leadership and service, the Brotts extend care and compassion to all. Congratulations and thank you, Larry and Elizabeth. Photo credit: Instagram @Daniel_Kersey


There are many ways you can help:

  • Setup:  On the first Sunday morning of our host week, we need several volunteers to help move bedding to the sleeping areas. Typically, 11:15 Sunday at the start of the week.
  • Meals:  Each night of our host week, we serve hot dinners which include an entrée, side/vegetable, salad, bread and dessert.  One can volunteer to provide any of these dishes for an evening. Food should be dropped off between 5:00 and 5:30pm.
  • Evening Host:  Evening volunteers serve dinners, clean the kitchen, and help guests make their lunches for the next day. Typically from 5:00-8:30pm
  • Overnight Host:  Overnight volunteers sleep in a private room and make sure our guests are comfortable.  They serve breakfast in the morning and see our guests off to the bus. Typically, 8:30pm through the night and until 7:00am.
  • Tear Down:  On the second Sunday morning of our host week, we need several volunteers to help move bedding back to the storage areas.
  • Evening Play and Crafts:  After dinner of our host week, one can volunteer to play with the kids after dinner while the parents make their lunch for the next day.
  • Donations:  Donations of family-friendly videos, crafts or toys are always appreciated for the host weeks.  Additionally, the IHN Day Center also has a long list of desired items (see the “IHN Donations List ” below) that need to be provided to our guests.  Donations can be left under the main staircase in the Atrium, across from the elevator.

Sign-ups typically begin 4-6 weeks before the host week.  You can sign up over the internet (see the “Host week sign up” section), or in the Atrium.


IHN provides families with "house warming" gifts as they start their new lives away from IHN. Click for a list of requested items  IHN Donation List.  Donations may be dropped off at the church and labeled for IHN.  On behalf of the families you are helping, THANK YOU!


Thank you for volunteering!  Below is an electronic form to sign up for our host weeks.  A paper copy is also available at church, in the Atrium.  In the event of duplication or overlap, the IHN Coordinator will contact you directly for resolution.  

Host weeks for 2020 are:

  • May 24
  • June 28
  • August 2
  • December 27

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