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ArmstrongKids! has some exciting new fine arts sessions for you this school year!


We will be offering 8-week sessions in both a small, select choir, and a drama class.
The choir will meet once a week and learn 2 - 3 songs during the session with a recorded performance at the end.
Drama class will teach students how to "Slate" or identify yourself properly on an audition video,  and practice small skits and monologues with a recorded performance at the end.  Students may participate in one or the other or both drama and choir.  

Classes are on Fridays with Drama at 4:30 and choir at 5:15. Registration required one week prior to the start of each session.  Sessions will include a maximum of 10 students in 4th-6th grades, so space is limited. 

Session 2: Jan 8-Feb 26
Session 3: Mar 19-May 14