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See You At the Pole

See You at the Pole Events happen across the nation every year. This year it is taking place on September 25th hopefully at a school near you!

The idea behind the SYATP Event is for students to gather and pray. Pray for each other, pray for teachers, coaches, families, their school, the nation, and the world. SYATP is an intentional way for students to grow, support, lead, and come to the Lord in prayer. The week before the SYATP Event we will be focusing our time spent in prayer at VI on Wednesday Night. The week of SYATP we will be posting intentional prayer time prayers and prompts as we join in the week of prayer.


The call is out! SYATP is a STUDENT LED event that can happen at your school with someone like you starting the movement. It’s pretty easy and we are all here to help. Visit to get all the information, promotional materials, advice, and to get connected today.  This website has social media art, posters and tips to talk to your Principal and lots more. Myself and all the pastors here at ACUMC are here to support, guide, and pray for  you. Wendy in the church office is happy to help with print materials if you need it. 


Want to know how you can help…that’s easy…

PRAY -Since See You at the Pole is all about students praying, start praying for your students now! Pray for:

  • your students and their friends to take part in See You at the Pole.
  • the other students in your community (or church) to take part in See You at the Pole.
  • your youth pastor/leader in your church as he/she motivates and guides students for See You at the Pole.
  • your students' parents to be supportive of their involvement in See You at the Pole.
  • the non-Christian students that could be reached through See You at the Pole.
  • the Christian students in your community to strengthen their unity on campus all year long.



See You at the Pole is a student-led event. Strong student leadership is crucial. Adult volunteers and parents should not lead the See You at the Pole gathering. Many well-meaning adults take over and take away from the students by trying to lead out in the prayers at the flagpole. This is not the intention for See You at the Pole, nor is it legal for adults to lead. Please step back or stay away and let the students grow and learn in their faith by leading.

The best place for an adult to pray on the day of See You at the Pole is not on campus with the students, but at alternate locations such as your church, home, courthouse flagpole, office building flagpole, or military base flagpole.

It is important for students to know they are supported by adults from their churches, communities, and schools.

 Let’s join with many others from across the country as we come together as one voice in prayer on September 25th. Take a look at the video provided below to get more information about SYATP is and the impact it has on students, schools, communities, and your own personal life.



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