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What to Expect This Year

There are 3 big changes occurring this year in the VI Ministry. I want to share, elaborate, and involve you in these changes.

1) The Winter Retreat is going to look a little different. The two aspects of the Winter Retreat are still going to happen just separately. There is a ski trip in the planning stages to occur in January. Then in February the Jr. High Students will be going on a retreat and the Sr. High Students will be going on a retreat (details on these retreats to follow).

2) Confirmation has a new time. Confirmation is one aspect of working with Youth that I love. It is an amazing time for me to get to know the students and really dig deep and lay a foundation. Confirmation will begin in January and run till June, with confirmation Sunday being on Pentecost Sunday June 9th. We will meet on Sunday after church for about an hour each week. More information will be sent out to Parents of 8th graders in November. If your youth is interested in Confirmation and you want to make sure you are sent additional information contact Wendy or Rebecca.

3) Summer Missions and Outreach are going to look a little different too. I have heard some amazing feedback about the events that have happened over the past couple years during the summer months. It would be a shame to lose any of those programs and what each one offers. To help keep a balance of what each program has to offer we are going to operate on a 3-year system.

  • Year 1: A Mission Trip
  • Year 2: UNTD
  • Year 3: Elevation The year that UNTD is happening will also offer a unique opportunity for Juniors and Seniors to attend an international mission trip to Colombia. This year’s Mission Trip is TBA at the end of October after the voting results are in!
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