Who We Are

Mission Statement

The student ministry of Armstrong Chapel welcomes students and families to worship, learn, serve and grow in the development of a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Christ-Centered:  We create a ministry where Christ is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are.
Christ’s Love:  We demonstrate unwavering love for all, including those who are different from ourselves.
Biblically-Based: We design programs that explore the teachings of the Bible and connect them in relevant ways to the lives of today’s students.
Serving Spirit: We humbly and joyfully put the needs of others before our own.
Welcoming: We foster an inclusive, accepting, and nurturing community. 
Student-Led: We empower students to lead through relational ministry among their peers and the world.   



October 12th - Combat Archery

Combat Archery (Archery Tag) is a lot like the game of dodgeball, only with specialty made foam tipped arrows! The ultimate objective is to eliminate the other team by tagging them with arrows. Combat Archery is safe and fun! The impact of an arrow feels very similar to getting hit in
dodgeball! Register ONLINE  for  SATURDAY Oct. 12 @ 2PM. NOTE: Purchase the Standard Ticket and fill out the online waiver BEFORE arriving at the event. 



Weekly Activities


Wednesday VI

Every Wednesday we gather down in the L, as in lower level lounge, at 7pm to play some crazy VI games, sing along with the praise band, and hear a great message as we hang out together.  Be sure to get here early and check out the fabulous food spread before we start. We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday Dinner Sign UP

Vertical Impact is Hungry! 

Students appreciate a light meal prior to the evening programing. Some students come from practice or rehearsal and are eating on the fly.  Your help is appreciated by providing meals. 

The Basics: 

Food needs to be delivered to the Cafe in the lower level by 6:45pm
Please provide drinks
VI provides: cups, plates, napkins, and utensils
The average number of kids is 10-12 in the summer and 25-30 during the school year.

Suggested Foods:

Entrée: Pizza, pasta, subs, Chick-Fil-A, 
Sides: fruit or veggie plate, small/medium size salad
Desserts: Cookies, Brownies etc.
Drinks: Soda, chocolate milk, Apple Juice
Other: chips or pretzels are also appreciated, especially by those who arrive a little late to find only empty plates!

Students really love a home cooked dinner such as mac and cheese, pulled-pork sandwiches, baked ziti, taco bar, lasagna, brinner (breakfast for dinner: pancakes, bacon etc.) or spaghetti.

Alternatively, places that have been used in the past include Mio's, Kroger's, Servatti's, La Rosa's, Snappy’s, Chick-Fil-A. Some of these places are happy to deliver. 

Suggested Quantity:

As a guide to quantity, 1 large pizza for 4 students, 2 Kroger wraps per person, or 2 Servatti pretzel sandwiches for 36.  Most places are happy to help you get it right.

 You may also sign up with a friend.  One parent claims the spot on the sign up but you are welcome to enlist someone to share the work with you. 

 Contact Wendy Ransom in the church office if you have questions. 513-561-4220

Sign Up 

Small Group Ministry (SGM)

Our Wednesdays and  Christian Education offerings are great for bringing everyone together,  but sometimes it is nice to  discuss life in a smaller  more intimate environment.   That’s why we have our small group ministry! It is a time set aside for us to grow closer to each other by discussing questions about how our lives and walk with Jesus are going. It’s a wonderful time of encouragement and prayer.  Small groups run from 6:00p to 7:30p on Sundays  from November 4th to April in the lower level.

 VI Christian Education

At VI we love to worship with our congregation on Sunday mornings at the 8:20, 9:40, or 10:00 am services.  Start with Sunday school at 9:00 AM then roll right on into worship at 9:40 or 10:00.  Check out the preview video for our next topic that begins on February 17.

Fan Club

Many of our youth are in sports, theater, clubs, etc. and we want to take the intentional time to meet them where they are doing what they love to do and cheer them on.  If you have an activity or event you would like to share with your VI and church family, fill out this form and we will post it to the calendar.  


Follow us on Instagram to see our progress (@vertical_impact)


Special Offerings and Events


Vertical Impact is all about fun and fellowship.  These are regular events or outings that take place during the year.  Stay tuned though because you never know when another one might pop up.  Reference the full calendar for all the details. 


Confirmation is a time for our students learn about and grow in their walk with the Lord. This journey runs from January until early June every year with classes being held on Sunday mornings from 11:00a till 12:15. During this time students will learn both the foundational tenants of the Christian faith and some of the wonderfully unique facets of the United Methodist Church. At the end of that journey, they will have the choice to become an official member of Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church. Details and registration information will be mailed to all 8th-grade students and any interested high school students. Contact Wendy Ransom in the church office if you have any questions.

 Stewards of Children Training Event

Stewards of Children® is a prevention training that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. 
October 19, 10-12:30pm
Click the button to register and for more information. REGISTER

VI Niagara Falls 2019

Mission Trip for Vertical Impact