Below is a consolidated list of events with a need to sign up or register.  Your registration helps those planning events to be well prepared for your arrival at any given event.  Thank you for taking a few brief moments to register.  Always refer to the ministry's event page for full details. 

Children & Youth


Elevate 2020
Youth Summer Retreat

VBS-Rocky Railway
June 22-26, 9:30-12



 Growing in Our Service



Friday Morning Men's Bible Study



(Fellowship Table, Ushers, Greeters, Communion etc.)


Liturgist at 8:20 or 9:40 worship. 

Fellowship Table     
Prepare and host the fellowship table between services.

Faith Infusion Ushers     
Usher at the 10:00 worship service.

Prepare and serve communion during 9:40 worship.