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What do People See in Your Life?


    Passage: Psalms 112:1-6

    Speaker: David Brown

    Liturgist –Rev. Stephen Hoard
    Children Moments: Dianna Sheely
    Psalm 112:1-6 (NIV)
    Matthew 5:14-16 (NRSV)

    This Little Light of Mine
    Author: Afro-American spiritual
    Arrangement: William Farley Smith (1987) Adapt.
    © 1989 The United Methodist Publishing House  
    Break Thou the Bread of Life
    Author: Mary A. Lathbury (1877)
    Composer: William F. Sherwin (1877)  
    We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations
    Author: H. Ernest Nichol (1896)
    Composer: H. Ernest Nichol (1896)

    Armstrong Choir
    Directed by Ben Basone
    Stacy Haney Accompanist and Organist  
    Streaming Production Team:
    Cameras & Graphics: Kashena Rhoill
    Sound: Victor
    Volunteers: Thank you to Steve, Victor, and Alexander

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