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Priesthood of All Believers


    Passage: 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

    Speaker: David Brown

    Liturgist at 9:40 – Jane Florer 
    Call to Worship
    By Nancy C. Townley
    Pastoral Prayers
    Adapted from writing by Rev Abi,
    Affirmation of Faith            
    Affirmation from Apostle’s Creed #881
    Adapted from Psalm 46

    Children Moments:  Dianna Sheely

    Hymns this week:
    A Mighty Fortress Is Our Gods: UM Hymnal #110
    Bless Be the Tie That Binds:  UMH #557 v 2 and 3
    I Am Thine O Lord: UMH #419
    Armstrong Bell Choir at 9:40 – directed by Chester Imhausen 
    Prelude: Festival Piece on “Nicaea”: an arrangement by B. Harlan 
    Stacy Haney, Organ & Piano
    Dan Young, trumpet 

    Offertory: Ashokan Farewell: an arrangement by D. Wagner 


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