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Living By Faith: Lessons for Life IV


    Series: Living By Faith

    Passage: Luke 10:29-37

    Speaker: David Brown

    MatthiasActs 1:26
    Serving when and where God calls
    Joseph Barsabbas – Acts 1:23-24
    Trusting when things don’t go your way
    Stephen – Acts 6:8
    Facing fear with Jesus
    Eutychus – Acts 20
    Sleeping in church windows
    Aquila and Priscilla – Romans 16:3-4
    Partners are God’s gift
    Onesimus – Philemon 10
    Free to be Useful
    Philemon – Philemon 7
    Repairing earthly rifts
    Timothy – 1 Timothy 4:12
    Empowered by the servant-love of Jesus
    The Penitent Criminal – Luke 23:43
    Today is the ideal day to receive mercy
    Hymns this week:
    God of Grace and God of Glory:  #577
    Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart:  #500 vs 4 - 5
    Lord, I Want to Be a Christian:  #402
    This week:
    Liturgist at 8:20 – Scott Darrah
    Liturgist at 9:40 – Shelley Bamberger
    Special Music at 9:40 – John Siarris
    Guest Organist at 9:40 – Susan Herman
    • Prelude: Rhosymedre -R.Vaughan Williams
    • Postlude: Postlude in D -Healey Willan