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Living By Faith: Lessons for Life III


    Series: Living By Faith

    Passage: Psalms 146:5-7

    Speaker: David Brown

    Living By Faith: Lessons for Life III 

     PhilipJohn 1:46
    Bring others to the Lord
    MatthewMatthew 9:9
    Seeing Kingdom Potential
    ThomasJohn 20:25
    Dare to Ask Difficult Questions
    Simon the Zealot Luke 6:15
    Follow Jesus with Focused Zeal
    BarnabasActs 4:36-37
    Giving and Giving and Giving
    Paul 1 Timothy 1:15
    Failures and Successes: Transform them All
    Cleopas Luke 24:18
    Living with Eyes Wide Open
    Hymns this week:
    America the Beautiful:  #696
    Spirit of the Living God:  #393
    Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven:  #66
    This week:
    Liturgist at 8:20 – Carol Ney
    Liturgist at 9:40 – Steve Hoard
    Guest Soloist at 9:40 –  Braden Perry