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Disturb Us, Lord

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I recently came across a piece of music performed by Larnelle Harris: DISTURB US, LORD by Tony Wood/Lee Black/Dave Clark

 Disturb us, Lord When worldly things delight us and we fail to look above
When we withhold from others though we’ve been given much
If the fire of our first love’s not burning bright as before
Disturb us, Lord
Disturb us, Lord
When we’re not in your Word and we don’t spend time on our knees
When we have a chance but we don’t speak the truth that sets men free
If we don’t worship you with fiery passion anymore
Disturb us, Lord
Sometimes in your great love, You comfort the troubled
But other times in your great love, You trouble the comfortable
Disturb us, Lord
If our lives never touch the lives of those still in the dark
If we don’t live with hearts that break for things that break your heart
In tenderness please lead your church back to your heart once more
Disturb us, Lord
If we ever lose the wonder of the cross that you once bore
Disturb us, Lord
Disturb us, Lord

This prayer has spoken to me in such powerful ways. When we do not cherish the first-love of Jesus. Christ. When our ministries are no longer about us but how we serve others, we know the Lord has moved us from our places of ease to the power of redemptive love. Praying that God will not leave us in apathy or worse contentment. Each day affords the Lord to stir our hearts once again to follow after Christ and to offer the power of the gospel in every aspect of the church and our community. Often it is easy to think that one issue or another issue ‘disturbs’ us, but not enough for action. This prayer seeks the power of the Holy Spirit to stir us in the embrace of the power of the cross. Join me in praying this prayer during the summer. Let’s make it a season that will cause us to discover what is at the heart of God for our community and the mission of Armstrong Chapel.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor David

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National Day of Prayer

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The City of Madeira and the Village of Indian Hill will once again join together on Thursday, May 3, 2018 in observance of the 67th Annual National Day of Prayer.  The national theme is “Unity – Pray for America!” with Ephesians 4:3 as the theme scripture.  For more information about the national theme, go to www.nationaldayofprayer.org.

This year’s observance will be held at Madeira’s McDonald Commons Park (7451 Dawson Road) at the Veterans Memorial starting at 7:30 a.m.  We are hoping you will be available to participate in this event as we gather together to pray for our nation and its leaders.  Armstrong Chapel's Pastor, David Brown, will be part of the leadership on that day. Let’s also surround Armstrong member, Mark Kuenning, as mayor of the Village of Indian Hill in this season of prayer.

Cincinnati Song Initiative Concert

May 6 | 3PM
Armstrong Chapel UMC

Cincinnati Song Initiative concludes its thrilling second season with a concert part of its Spotlight series. Art song aficionados Martha Guth and Erika Switzer grace the Cincinnati stage for a stunning recital to be savored by all. The dynamic duo will bring to life the words and sounds of some of history's most beloved poets and composers, including an eclectic mix of songs Schubert, Ravel, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Canadian composer Andrew Staniland, and more.

Tickets & Info

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