Lent is the 4o days before Easter, not counting Sundays .  It is a time of reflection and repentance in preparation for the coming celebration of Easter.  

Lenten Study

Dr. David Watson Scripture and the Life of God Why the Bible Matters Today More than Ever

In Scripture and the Life of God, David Watson takes us on a journey through what it means to enter into the life of God through texts that God has inspired and made authoritative for the teaching of the Church. Many of us read the Bible during private devotion time, and this is a very helpful practice, but there are also many other ways to walk down the pathway of Scripture into the divine life. Prayer, meditation, music, corporate worship, and other practices facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit through Scripture in drawing us into the divine life.

There is not one right way to engage the Bible. We should use all the means at our disposal to weave the teachings of Scripture into our lives. The Church has, through the centuries, passed down to us myriad ways in which we can engage Scripture. By availing ourselves of these practices, we can facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, and enter more fully into the life of God.

Books available on the book cart in the Atrium.  An e-reader version is available online. 

 Read through the Bible - 

Monday-Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm

April 11-19 Sign UP
The Bible reading in our Old Chapel will begin on March 18 and end
April 19. It takes approximately 110 hours to read the entire Bible.

This means we need many people to sign up for a thirty-minute reading segment online. Be a part of this wonderful Lenten journey!

Questions? Contact Molly Barber or Dianne Bishop through the church office. 

HOLY Thursday — April 18,  7:00pm in the OLD CHAPEL

We will gather to encounter the Last Supper with Jesus. Holy Communion is the central element of this Holy Week observance.  Come be part of His closest friends and share in the power of a new covenant born out of the Passover tradition. It is The Lord’s Table so all are welcome to participate.

Good Friday — April 19, Noon at St. Paul UMC

The community will gather for this retelling of the passion events. Several local church pastors and musicians will add to the leadership of this service. There is one cross, one Lord, and one body of Christ.

Easter Sunday — Sunday, APRIL 21, Giving Up Death

8:20AM  - In the Old Chapel
9:40AM - In the Sanctuary
10:00AM - In the Worship Center 

Children’s Easter Lesson at 10:00am in the Children’s Center. Childcare is available for nursery up to 3 years old during 9:40 & 10:00 services.