Adult Discipleship

We believe that the best and most growth happens with others.  Jesus recruited 12 to train, teach, and send out into the world. Together they shared meals and conversations. They lived life together and journeyed with one another.

Acts 2 tells us about the unity and growth that comes when the people of God gather in small groups.  It is our hope to develop a strong community of Christ followers by offering you a place to connect with other people just like you!

Adult discipleship provides both large and small group experiences no matter where you are in your walk with Christ.  Study topics include a wide range of issues as well as topics of faith. There are one time events or studies which run 6-8 weeks. For information on existing discipleship opportunities contact Kathleen Kisner or Dianna Sheely. If you are interested starting a new group, contact Kathleen Kisner through the church office.  


New Member Class


Discipleship Opportunities

All Church Study

I Am a Church Member discusses the attitudes and responsibilities of church members. Author Tom Rainer addresses in detail what congregations should really be focusing on — praying for church leaders, being a functioning member, treasuring church membership, and more.
Six chapters will help to guide the discussions and reflections:

1.  I Will Be a Unifying Church Member
2.  I Will Not Let the Church Be About My Preferences and Desires
3.  I Will Pray for My Church Leaders
4.  I Will Lead My Family to Be Healthy Church Members
5.  I Will Be a Functioning Member
6.  I Will Treasure Church Membership as a Gift

Participate in the worship services starting February 18th. Join a small group or contact Pastor Kathleen to launch a group that fits your schedule and needs.

“Following Jesus involves far more than believing; it involves BELONGING. Only as we belong to Christ’s Body can we become what He intends us to be. In fact, it is impossible to grow to spiritual maturity by yourself. You must be connected to the other parts of the Body. This wonderful little book explains the power of belonging...”
—Rick Warren, Pastor, Saddleback Church
Copies of the book are available at the Connect Desk in the Atrium or through your favorite online book retailer.

Discipleship groups studying I Am A Church Member:  Come and be a part of our Lenten study, “I am a Church Member.” New groups are forming and some current groups are also joining in this all-church study. Please contact the church office and sign up to be a part of a Lenten study group.

Tuesday - 2 pm in the Twin Lakes Chapel lead by Pastor Kathleen
Wednesday - 7 pm in the Armstrong Room led by Pastor David
Thursday - 9:30 am in the Armstrong Room led by Lisa Dayton
Saturday - 4 pm in the home of Rene & Jim Beck. Begins February 25th (contact the office for location information)

One Heart Ministries, Night Out

April 27th @7p: We must fight for deep access to our spouse, versus immediate access to our devices.  

July 13th @7p: We can have God’s help in our marriage when we pause and ask for it.

   Sign Up!

Classic Christian Cinema

Movies will be shown once a month on Friday night in the Armstrong Room beginning at 7pm. Discussion following the movie. Sponsored by the Thursday 6:00am Women’s Study.

April 13 - CHARIOTS OF FIRE.  This beautiful 1981 Best Picture film tells the story of two athletes who competed in the 1924 Olympics: Eric Lindell, a Scottish Christian who ran for the glory of God, and Harold Abraham, who ran to overcome prejudice. MOVIE TRAILER

May 11 - WAR ROOM—this powerful 2015 movie featuring Patricia Shirer as a realtor, mother and wife of a man with a wandering eye, who learns from an elderly client how to combat evil in her life through the creation of a “war room” in her house.

Lenten Bible Reading

This year, the Bible reading in our Old Chapel will run March 12 - 30th. It takes approximately 110 hours to read the entire Bible. This means we need many people to participate.   Sign up for a thirty-minute reading segment online using the below links.  Be a part of this wonderful Lenten journey! Questions? Contact Molly Barber or Dianne Bishop.

Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm

Week 1: Mar. 12-17
Week 2: Mar. 18-24
Week 3: Mar. 25-30

Encore (Senior Adults) Lunch & Learn

Tour the 150 Year Old Historic Plumb Street Temple
Thursday, April 12 – Carpool from the church at 10:15. The tour will begin at 11:00am. 
Lunch at the National Exemplar in Mariemont after tour.


 Designed by James Keys Wilson, a prominent American architect and first president of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the building reflects a synagogue architectural style that had emerged in Germany in the nineteenth century, a Byzantine-Moorish style. It hearkens to a previous era of the Golden Age of Spain in Jewish history, and reflects Rabbi Wise’s optimism that the developing American Jewish experience would be the next Golden Age. All other examples of such architecture in Germany were later destroyed by Hitler. Only one other synagogue of similar style exists in America (in New York).  It was from this building that Rabbi Isaac M. Wise founded the institutions of Reform Judaism, which prior to his active career, had consisted of ideology without an institutional structure. The founding of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (1873), the Hebrew Union College (1875), and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (1889), representing the structure of Reform Judaism, was accomplished from the Plum Street Temple by Rabbi Wise.